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A Whole Lot Of Robert Masciave…

Creativity and passion are perhaps the two most important qualities one needs in order to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Robert Masciave is brimming with both.

Born in France to Southern Italian parents, Robert pursued a career in hairdressing after quickly realising that his first choice – electronics – was not for him.  Once qualified, he arrived in the UK aged 19, to work at the Winchester salon of the legendary Guy Kremer. He progressed to Artistic Director – a role in which he excelled for 11 years. Then, in 1999, Robert made his dream a reality when he opened the doors to Metropolis Hairdressing, a chic, boutique-style salon in bustling Kingston-Upon-Thames dubbed ‘the most stylish salon in the area’ by Vogue.

With a trademark style combining intricate cutting skills, jaw-dropping creativity and extravagant finishes, it’s little wonder that Robert’s work has brought him such success. His method of cutting – the ‘Visagiste’ technique – takes into account the client’s hair, body, face shape and personal style, as well as her personality and lifestyle. From international stage work and glossy magazine coverage to countless award nominations and wins, Robert is in great demand; he lists his greatest achievement as claiming the Fellowship Salon of the Year award not once, but twice.

‘I joined the Fellowship 28 years ago – it’s the best organization for our industry,’ he says. ‘It is constantly helping to raise the profile of the industry and it’s a great platform to showcase my work and share professional knowledge.’

As you would expect from such a creative individual, Robert draw ideas from a variety of sources. ‘I get inspiration from life around me, nature, the arts (movies, painting, music, architecture…) Inspiration is a translation of the way I feel when I have been exposed to things I love or hate. To stay inspired is to stay interested in life and things around us.’

His belief in dedication and hard work extends to his role models – those who have started with nothing and reached the top of their profession. ‘I believe you live your own life and follow your own path but I do admire many people who’ve achieved great results in their career… innovators and inventors like Thomas Edison, Michelangelo , Steve Jobs, Alexander McQueen, Antoni Gaudi and many more.’ He also admits to being starstruck by ‘the three hairdressers that changed the industry; Alexandre De Paris, Vidal Sassoon and Raymond Bessone.’

Highly intelligent and always ‘switched on’, Robert describes himself as ‘kind, honest and innovative.’  He’s also extremely passionate about education; the Masciave Hair Academy offers a host of training options, from one-to-one masterclasses with the man himself, to specialised courses and fast-track apprenticeships.  ‘My advice is to work hard and push your own limits because you never know what you can achieve till you do it. You may discover that you are an extraordinary person but if you don’t push it, you would never know.’

Fellowship Magazine issue 8

Robert is a respected professional, committed to advancing the hair industry.

Former International Style Master ambassador for Revlon Professional, he’s also the commissioner of the International Style Master competition to promote young hairdressing talent worldwide and has judged many competitions including the trendsetting Visionary Awards and L’Oreal Colour Trophy.

Three times finalist for Southern Hairdresser of the Year and Avant Garde Hairdresser at the British Hairdressing Awards, Twice winner of the Fellowship salon of the year, Finalist at the international AIPP and Visionary awards, Winner of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy.

Together with his salon, Robert has positioned himself as one of the top world hairdresser.

He has been featured in most major international and uk magazines including Estetica, Tribute, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue. He has also presented his distinctive work on stage at some of the biggest hairdressing shows in the world, including London Fashion Week, Salon International, the International Beauty Show in Paris and Dallas,  L’Oreal shows in Asia, Revlon style masters around the world and the alternative hair show at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

Relentlessly passionate about his work, he continues to evolve as a craftsman, teacher and businessman.



  • 2 x Southern hairdresser of the year – British Hairdressing Awards
  • 2 x Best UK Salon of the Year – Fellowship for British Hairdressing.
  • Best Customer Service – Kingston Business Excellence Awards
  • Best Training and Development – Kingston Business Excellence Awards
  • Best Business of the Year – Kingston Business Excellence Awards
  • 12 x Bristish Hairdressing Awards Finalist
  • Bristish Hairdressing Awards Finalist Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year.
  • Metropolis Hairdressing –  Kingston Business Awards WINNER.
  • Robert Masciave does Alternative Hair Show.
  • Robert Masciave judge at Style Masters Global Contest and the Visionary Awards.
  • Robert Masciave workshop leader for FAME Team.
  • Bristish Hairdressing Awards Finalist Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year.
  • BHA Metropolis Art team Finalists Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year.
  • BHA Metropolis Art team Finalists Southern Hairdresser of the Year.
  • AIPP Avant Garde Finalist.
  • International Visionary Awards Avant Garde Finalist.
  • Awarded Fellow with Honours by the Fellowship of British Hairdressing




Trade magazines
· UK: Hair Flair
· UK: Hairdressers Journal International
· UK: The Cutting Edge
· USA: American Salon
· FRANCE: Metamorphose
· UK: Hair Flair
· DENMARK: Hår & Skönhet
· UK: Style
· EUROPE: Estetica
· UK: L’Oréal Rapport Magazine
· HONG KONG: Hair & Beauty
· UK: Hairdressing & Beauty
· NORWAY: Pinnï
· UK: Hair Now
· UK: Hair

. . . and more

Consumer magazines
· UK: Catch
· UK: Vision Now
· UK: Living
· UK: Marie Claire
· UK: Woman’s Journal
· UK: Cosmopolitan
· UK: Fascination
· UK: Clothes Show Magazine
· UK: Bella
· UK: Elle
· UK: New Woman
· UK: Hello (twice)
· UK: Vogue
· UK: Skin Two
· UK: The Alternative Magazine
· UK: Marquee

. . . and more

· FRANCE: Midi Libre
· UK: The Winchester Extra
· UK: The Hampshire Chronicle
· UK: The Guardian
· UK: The Sunday Times
· UK: Surrey Comet

. . . and more

–  Wella-Vogue award (Finalist)
–  British Hairdressing Award for the Southern Hairdresser of the Year Finalist (three years) and Nominee (two years)
–  British Hairdressing Nominee for Newcomer of the Year
–  WINNER of the F.A.M.E. Team competition (member of the F.A.M.E. Team)
–  WINNER of the L’ Oréal Colour Trophy Award
–  Regional Finalist of the L’ Oréal Colour Trophy Award
–  British Hairdressing Award for the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Award Finalist
–  Independent Salon of the Year Finalist
–  World Visionary Award Finalist
–  Fellowship for British Hairdressers Fellow with Honour
–  Best UK Salon of the year 2010 / 2014
–  World best avant garde hairdresser of the year. AIPP finalist
–  BHA avant garde finalist
–  Mirror award best international hairdresser of the year finalist
–  Winner of best business of the year
–  Winner of best training and development
–  Winner of best customer service of the year

. . . and more



· MASTERCLASS Instructor since1989
· UK: Show at the Hammersmith Palais in LONDON
· UK: The World Hairdressing Congress in LONDON
· UK: Rendez-vous L’Oréal in LONDON
· UK: Redken Show in BIRMINGHAM
· UK: The Alternative Hairshow in LONDON
· UK: Masterclass at IHBEX in BIRMINGHAM
· UK: Masterclass at Turnmills in LONDON
· UK: Show with the F.A.M.E. Team at IHBEX ’93 in BIRMINGHAM
· UK: The Best of British at WEMBLEY
· UK: The Main Event at Hammersmith Palais in LONDON
· UK: Barbering Workshop at L’Oréal in LONDON
· UK: The Salon International ’94 at WEMBLEY
· UK: Intercoiffure Show in LONDON
· UK: Show for ZOTOS in LONDON
· UK: Seminar for REDKEN (UK tour)
· UK: L’Oréal  two-week tour “Les Collections”
· UK: Showcase at the Hammersmith Palais in LONDON
· UK: The Gold Hairdressing Event of ’96 (the Fellowship) in LONDON
· UK: London Fashion Week for Designers in LONDON (Click here)
· UK: Long Hair Seminar at L’ Oréal in LONDON
· UK: Seminar for Norwegian Hairdressers at L’ Oréal in LONDON
· UK: Barbering Workshop at L’Oréal in LONDON
· UK: “Rock’N’Roller” for the Fellowship at the Equinox in LONDON
· UK: “The Look” (Fellowship) at Salon International ’96
· ITALY: Show for the CACF in BOLOGNA
· ITALY: Show for L’Oréal in NAPLES
· BELGIUM: Seminar in BRUSSELS for Schwarzkopf
· ASIA: Series of shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand with L’Oréal
· LUXEMBOURG: Seminar in  LUXEMBOURG for Schwarzkopf
· FRANCE: Seminar in PARIS
· NORWAY: Show in OSLO
· SPAIN: Atelier de Creación in MADRID
· FRANCE: 15e Festival Metamorphose in BEZIER
· USA: International Beauty Shows in DALLAS
· SPAIN: Seminar in BILBAO
· DENMARK: Look and Learn Tour of DENMARK
· USA: International Premier Symposium in ORLANDO

Most  recent major shows:

· UK: MTV Kerrang Music Awards
· UK: Chelsea Art Club
· UK: Salon International (Click here)
· UK: London Fashion Week (Click here)
· UK: Fashion show at the V&A London
· UK: World  Hair Congress
· UK: London Hair Collection  (featured on TV as one of the top names
in the industry) (Click here)
· UK: “SuperNova” for the Fellowship at the Equinox in LONDON
· UK: TiGi at Salon International LONDON (Click here)
· FRANCE: TiGi @ World Congress Paris
· UK: Fellowship Members Night
· UK: Torture Garden Xmas
· UK: Torture Garden Birthday Ball
· UK: Torture Garden Xmas  (Click here)
· UK: Torture Garden Birthday Ball
· GERMANY: Berlin Fetish Ball
· GERMANY: Revlon Style Master Show in Berlin
. UK: The Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall

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